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The Privilege of Discipleship

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The Privilege of Discipleship

By Amy Schmidt, Missionary, Bolivia
October-December 2014

The Privilege of Discipleship
Discipleship can look very different from group to group, but the idea of helping others grow in their faith is the foundation and the joy of this privilege. As a teacher/facilitator for a couple of groups in Bolivia, I see it as a great opportunity to help others stretch toward their potential.

I didn’t have discipleship in mind necessarily when I started the Precepts upon Precepts Bible study with six tween girls, but I’ve learned since then that a Bible study is a great tool to impact girls who are entering a stage of life with much change. This curriculum has been a great tool for discipleship, because it teaches them how to study their Bibles. The girls sing with gusto, pray sincerely, share their hearts, and like to laugh.

I have recently started a group in a different church. This group is a completely different dynamic, but I am really hoping to build trust and deepen relationships with the new group. There are eight boys and girls in this group. Many come from broken homes or rocky relationships with their parents, grandparents, etc. They have the chance to shape their future with God’s help and know that He loves them, despite their environment.

Discipleship is a privilege and opportunity, not some great talent or ability. It’s praying with them in times of need or joy. It’s asking the tough questions. It’s laughing at their zany jokes and enjoying the precious moments when they pour out their hearts. It’s praying for them in the early morning, while I’m washing dishes, or when I’ve just visited with their parents. With God’s help, I hope to make an impact in these lives that will carry on.

Get involved in a discipleship opportunity.ACT: Does the idea of discipleship seem a little scary? Start small. This month, volunteer to serve in your church youth group or lead a Bible study for tweens. Ask God to give you guidance as you prepare to serve.
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