Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Influence and Encouragement

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Influence and Encouragement

By Carolyn Wade, Missionary, Kenya
October-December 2014

Influence and Encouragement
Returning to Kericho, we stopped along the highway to buy some vegetables and I asked a lady a question. She immediately said, “I know that voice. I hear it every morning at 5 a.m.” Well, yes, she does! That is when morning devotions that I have pre-recorded are aired. This opened the door of opportunity for me to ask the lady and her friend selling vegetables if they were saved.

Then we went farther down the road and stopped and I called a girl over. As I greeted her, she said, “I know you. You came to my school.” And with that meeting, I was able to encourage the girl to stay away from the boys during the school holiday and to always remember her self-esteem comes from Jesus.

This has never happened to me before and may never happen again that far from home, but it is a reminder of our influence as disciples of Christ. May we always lift up Jesus and call people to salvation and surrender of their lives.
In both situations, I had an opportunity to encourage them to live a Christian life—to be disciples. What opportunities is God placing before you to use your influence to encourage other believers in their faith? A word of encouragement, a prayer, and a listening ear can go a long way in ministering to others.

Make a difference on your knees.PRAY: Ask God to open your eyes to ways you can encourage others in their faith this month.
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