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Invite. Transform. Send.

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Invite. Transform. Send.

By Kennedy Kirui and Jonathan Mayo, Missionary, Uganda
October-December 2014

Invite. Transform. Send.
What started as a small prayer group and Bible study at one university in Uganda has now grown into a discipleship movement that is seeking to grow a passionate movement of disciples and campus churches on and beyond every university campus in Africa. We are currently working with nine universities in East Africa and sense God is opening more doors across Africa, especially since we have students from not only Uganda and Kenya, but also Burundi, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zambia. The University Discipleship Movement is growing into a reality that God is not only calling us to join Him in as He works in the lives of emerging leaders in Africa, but He’s also growing a discipleship movement that will spread across campuses and into every sphere of society. We believe this is the hope for transformation in Africa.

The DNA of UDM is discipleship. We achieve this through small groups, Bible studies, and one-on-one relationships between students and mentors. We disciple students who disciple others, who we hope will continue discipling still others (2 Timothy 2:2). God is blessing us with great opportunities to reach students from many different countries and backgrounds. This offers us a unique opportunity to impact deeply and influence widely.

We get new invitations every so often to new universities, and we are praying for more resources and more people who will respond to the call for help in engaging, equipping, and empowering emerging leaders in Africa. The demand for further education is huge, and, to us, this is a call to reach out wide and deep.

For us in UDM, we believe that the solution for Africa is not more money or political leadership. We believe at the very foundation that Africa needs discipleship—discipleship that will help people develop a godly worldview and have a biblical mindset. The church is growing the fastest in this part of the globe, but the greatest challenge is that most people remain just converts. Our call is to see more people become true learners and followers of Christ.

Join us as we continue to grow the discipleship movement in Africa.

Partner with the University Discipleship Movement in Uganda.GIVE: Provide Bibles, Bible study materials, books on leadership, and other needed materials for the University Discipleship Movement. Make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and write account # 21343 on the memo line. Send check donations to:
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