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Go on Growing!

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Go on Growing!

Colossians 2:6-7

By Lisa Fish, Missionary, Uganda
October-December 2014

Go on Growing!
Heritage International School in Kampala hosts over 25 nations in its student body, grades pre-kindergarten through high school. World Gospel Mission has asked us to share how discipleship, mentoring, and other types of growth happen “on the ground,” and I say our whole field, in fact all our supporters and ministry partners worldwide, have massively pitched in to see salvations, discipleship, mentoring, and many other types of growth happen at HIS.

When I first arrived in Uganda in 2004, Heritage was struggling to have enough teachers and enough students. We needed one to get the other, and we seemed to struggle for either one or the other, or both. The school held a lot of promise, however, and our missionary team across Uganda joined in praying for the school, its students and faculty, and the community the school reaches. Over the years, the school has grown in numbers, both in staff and students, and the evidence of the Lord’s working has never been more noticeable than now.

We’ve just come through the grueling process of accreditation, and we received recommendations from both the Association of Christian Schools International and Middle States accreditations. This is not only highly exciting but also a wonderful professional and academic step for all of us involved with ministries at HIS.

During this process, we have reviewed our methods and procedures, creating some, improving others, and always moving forward. Our missionaries, supporters, and ministry partners have jumped in with prayer and hands-on ministries. We rejoice with this achievement!

And yet just before Easter, we had spiritual proof of the academic, professional, spiritual, and prayer work we have done over these years as 16 students and two support staff members were baptized in a wonderful service, giving testimony of lives being changed and hearts moving closer to Christ.

Please don’t believe our testimony ends here. God will keep moving. Our job is to be on our knees, in the trenches, sending, giving, and going. 

Make a difference on your knees.PRAY: Heritage continues to grow, so providing quality facilities is an ongoing challenge. This month, pray for wisdom for Heritage’s board and administration as they guide the school and consider how big it should grow.

Do you want to go to Uganda?GO: Heritage International School is always looking for passionate, qualified teachers who are willing to make a long-term commitment to the Heritage community. For more information, contact or visit

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