Friday, October 31, 2014

The Cycle of Discipleship

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The Cycle of Discipleship

By Dan Galat, Missionary, Kenya
October-December 2014

The Cycle of DiscipleshipAs a young believer in my sophomore year of college, hungry to grow in my newfound faith and praying for God’s help in this endeavor, I was asked by a man named Roger, whose passion was to disciple future leaders in the kingdom, if I would be interested in becoming a part of his weekly discipleship group. At that time, I did not comprehend how God would significantly use Roger’s time, commitment, and modeling of true faith to help me grow in a deeper understanding of His grace. Because of this experience in true discipleship, my life was forever changed, and, as a result, I committed to making discipleship the principal aspect of ministry in the future.

As a missionary orthopedic surgeon at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, I have the privilege of caring for medically underserved patients, providing compassionate healthcare in Jesus’ name, praying with patients, and encouraging them to walk with Jesus. However, the greater privilege is the unique opportunity we have to disciple young national surgeons who come to Tenwek for training. As part of the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons, whose goal is to raise up African missionary surgeons to reach the most needy patients in Africa, we train general and orthopedic residents not only in excellent healthcare, but also in a deeper walk with Christ. We want to help them grow in their own faith, passing on the truths that were built into us and thus continuing the cycle of discipleship in an international context.

Jesus commanded His disciples, the same ones He poured His own life into over a three-year period, to continue the cycle and go into all nations and make more disciples. This is God’s design for all of us who desire to make a true and long-lasting difference in the kingdom. Discipleship is not easy and is sometimes even messy. But by God’s grace, the blood, sweat, and tears associated with a deep, personal relationship can make an eternal impact in the life of someone who just might do the same for others in the future…the cycle of discipleship.

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