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Discipleship Takes a Team

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Discipleship Takes a Team

By Kristi Crisp, Support Staff
October-December 2014

Discipleship Takes a Team
What do you do when your children’s ministry breeches the 100 mark? You call in the reinforcements! The Cristo Viene church in Paraguay and Pastor Nilda Vazquez did just that as this church began to see significant growth over the past few weeks. The World Gospel Mission missionary team responded, helping to fill the gaps.

The weekend I was there, I experienced firsthand why sometimes discipleship takes a team. The kids attending this Saturday morning worship service come from the community surrounding this modest church. These kids have street smarts. They come from broken, underprivileged families, some providing for themselves by stealing. Yet on Saturday mornings, the Cristo Viene church opens its doors and its hearts to these children, offering a safe, positive environment where Jesus can be seen in the lives of this body of believers. The church has seen the needs of the kids and started providing lunch for this crew so no one leaves hungry. All of these things, plus learning more about the God who created these little ones, started a growth spurt in this ministry outreach.

In comes the team to help minister….
Mark Donahue and his friend Hugo Leguizamón led a singing competition between the girls and the boys. Man, could they sing! There is not a more joyful noise than hearing little ones jump, shout, and praise Jesus.

Sharon Carr brought her puppet ministry team to share Bible stories with the little ones. The puppet team is made up of young leaders in a nearby church. It was a blessing to see these teens using their talents to share the love of Christ with those younger than themselves.

Larry Carr used illusions to share biblical truths with the kids. His sleight of hand kept the kids guessing what would come next. I mean who doesn’t like a good magic trick?
Pastor Vazquez and her family ended our service by blessing each little one with a shoebox from Samaritan’s Purse. It was a joy to see the kids open their boxes and enjoy the goodies that had been packed especially for them.

Sometimes it takes a team. Just as God used His team of disciples to minister to the hearts of the people they visited, Cristo Viene is following that same model. And what better reason than seeing children come to know Jesus as their personal Savior!

Serve Jesus with your team.ACT: Get your “team” together for a ministry outreach opportunity. Encourage your sphere of influence to clean up a neighborhood park or serve dinner at your local mission. The way you serve is your choice, but take time to serve Jesus with fellow believers this year.
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