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Heart Matters

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Heart Matters

By Jennifer BennettNigeria
January-March 2014

Heart Matters
The heart matters. When Jesus performed many of His miracles, He touched the body and then the soul. My entire career as an intensive care nurse has been in dealing with the physical heart. More importantly, though, is the matter of touching the spiritual heart. Six years ago, my life and heart changed drastically. I had the opportunity to travel to Lagos, Nigeria, to West Africa Theological Seminary on a dental trip with my church. During a chapel service, I felt called to return for full-time ministry by returning to school to obtain a master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner.

World Gospel Mission is forming a new partnership with WATS and sending Dr. Shelley Chapman and me to minister at the school. WATS is in an ideal location to have a great impact on the entire continent of Africa, as Lagos is home to 21 million people. All seminary students participate in missions outreaches to surrounding communities and countries. The school motto is “To train men and women for holy living, for carrying the gospel to the unreached, and for catalyzing national spiritual awakening.”

An aspect of community development and partnership is through the WATS clinic. Located on the campus of WATS, the clinic has the capacity to serve approximately 200 people per month. The clinic currently has two units with six beds and a laboratory that handles about 50 cases per month. A local physician visits weekly for consultations. In addition, the clinic coordinates with visiting medical providers and teams for community outreach projects. As a full-time missionary, I will be working with the visiting doctor and the matron of the clinic to manage patients’ cases. Health education will be a focus by creating and organizing health-related seminars and workshops for WATS and the local community.

Mark 8:36 (NLT) reads, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” The heart does matter. The students at WATS are posed for global impact. By working alongside, we can touch the body, but, more importantly, reach the soul. This is our call to action.

Pray!PRAY: Pray that God will use WATS to raise a generation of spiritual leaders for Africa.

More!MORE: Learn more about WGM’s partnership with WATS at
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