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The Wesleyan Alliance

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The Wesleyan Alliance

A partnership for equipping pastors
By Meg DulHungary
January-March 2014

The Wesleyan AllianceRemember our rejoicing when communism fell? Finally, freedom for our brothers and sisters in Christ to worship openly! But sometimes change comes slowly, and effects of communism still linger.What do you do, for example, when the established seminaries employ professors who are openly anti-Christian? Where do you send the young people to train to be Christian leaders?

A group of Christian leaders and missionaries in Hungary had a dream of developing a training center where young believers could become equipped to be pastors and lay leaders in their churches, studying theology from a Wesleyan perspective. This was too big an undertaking for any organization on its own, so in 1998 the Wesleyan Alliance was formed out of World Gospel Mission, OMS, the Salvation Army, the Methodist Church, the Free Methodist Church, and the Church of the Nazarene.

Finally, in 2006, the dream of a training center was realized. Young Hungarian Christian leaders can receive an accredited degree in theology, taught from a Wesleyan perspective. Small churches and missions organizations no longer have to wonder where to send their young people to be trained to be pastors and lay leaders. Two Korean missionary churches have also joined the Wesleyan Alliance, making it quite an international organization. Working together and with the Holy Spirit, we have accomplished so much more than any of us could have done alone.

Create your own alliance. Because of the religious restriction Hungarians experienced during the days of communism, the desire for translated Christian books is persistent. By gathering your sphere of influence (your alliance), you can help develop lay leaders in Hungary, too. For every $600 you raise, a book can be translated, and each additional $6 pays for the printing of one copy of a book. Set a fundraising goal and work together for Hungary. Working together, your alliance can accomplish more, too!

Give!GIVE: Help develop lay leaders in Hungary. Make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and write project #31454-CALL on the memo line. Send check donations to:
World Gospel Mission
P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN 46952-0948

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