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Partnerships On and Off the Field

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Partnerships On and Off the Field

By Don MoonArgentina
January-March 2014

Partnerships On and Off the Field
World Gospel Mission missionaries are required to return to the United States after their term (often three to four years) on the field has expired. WGM calls this time homeland ministry assignment, which is when missionaries reconnect and build relationships/community/partnerships with family, friends, ministry partners, and churches. It’s a different kind of ministry but an important part of the missionary experience. As you can imagine, missionary families travel many miles during this time and often look for assistance from ministry partners along the way. Don Moon shares below just a few of the ways the Moons’ ministry partners have helped them in the past, using practical means to minister to his family.

Chris and Deb organized a soup and sandwich supper that allowed us to invite people from the area to hear about our ministry as Mission Mobilizers.

John and Rhonda loaned us a small camper for a couple of months so we could save money on lodging while we traveled.

On two different HMAs, someone purchased a house for us to live in while we were in the U.S. for a year and then used the house as a rental property investment.

Dan and Regina offered us their home for a week of R&R while they went on vacation!

Mike offered to sell our vehicle for us after we left the U.S. to return to the field so that we could use it right up until the day we left.

God has used many people to provide for our needs during our homeland ministry assignment. Whether it is a bed for the night, a meal together, gas money, a goodie bag, or a word of encouragement, many champions have invested in us, and together we are able to help take the gospel to a needy world. Thanks to every one of you!

Is there something you could do for a missionary or your pastor or Sunday School teacher that would help them in ministry? Take time this month to host a dinner, send notes of encouragement, or offer to prepare goodies for someone in ministry in your sphere of influence.

Act!ACT: The partnership doesn’t have to stop with just you. Grab your friends, family, or small group and challenge them with this same thought. What can you, as a community, do this month to help a missionary, a pastor, or a neighborhood in need?
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