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God has Blessed Us

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God has Blessed Us

Mary Jane Richards, Debbie McKelvey, and Ruth
During one of my training meetings at World Gospel Mission, the group was asked to think of a champion who took real ownership in our ministry. My head began to spin because so many people have played an important role in what I did on the Tohono O’odham Reservation on the American Indian Field and in what I am currently doing on the Texas/Mexico border.

(The) one I thought of was Mary Jane Richards. At the time of the meeting, Mary Jane (she’s on my left in the picture) had not only been a prayer and financial supporter but also one who had scheduled three church services and one AWANA group and tried to get me into a high school social studies class. She also provided a place for me to stay with Ruth (the lady to my right).

Thank you to WGM’s many champions who have done so much, from mailing used clothes to visiting our mission fields. When you get to heaven, you’re going to be so surprised at how God has used you to bring others to heaven with you!

Debbie McKelvey mentions several practical missions-active ideas that her ministry partners have done to encourage her in ministry. Learning by their example, here is a monthly checklist that you and your family can do this year to be more intentional about your missions activities.

January: Spend this month praying for your missionary partner.
February: Encourage a missionary partner by sending a handwritten note to them, letting them know you have been thinking of them.
March: Planning an upcoming family vacation? Think about using this time to serve on the mission field together. Contact Noritta Carter at or 765.671.7204 to find out what teams would be available for you to join.
April: In the article “The Path Is Waiting,” you are challenged to consider completing the World GO! Manual Bible study. Ask someone to do the study with you and complete chapter one on prayer this month.
May: A new Kids’ World article is released bimonthly, offering ways you can help kids get involved in missions. As you begin to plan your summer activities, visit the Kids’ World page to print out a few of the fun activities your family can do together for missions at
June: It’s Vacation Bible School time for many churches. How does your church plan to use the offering they receive from these boys and girls? Perhaps your church could donate a percentage of that offering to help children in need around the world. Find projects for kids at
July: Take this month to put your “Yard Sale for Missions” checklist to good work and clean out some items you have in storage.
August: Consider sending a little piece of home to a missionary serving overseas. Many simple everyday items are not available in all areas of the world. Write to your missionary partner this month asking them for a wish list of items. Then go shopping! Mail this to your missionary family as a special care package.
September: This time of year often brings drought and famine to our brothers and sisters in Africa. WGM assists with caring for the physical and spiritual needs of others in crisis through the President’s Crisis Relief fund. Join this team by giving a financial gift at
October: The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Pray over the list of ministry opportunities WGM has globally ( and ask God to call more workers to the mission field.
November: This month reminds us of God’s richest blessings on our lives. Have you been blessed by The Call magazine? You can share this resource with others. Sign them up for a free subscription at
December: It’s the season of giving! Consider a special gift to WGM as a year-end gift. You can donate online at
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