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Getting Your Kids Involved in Missions

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Getting Your Kids Involved in Missions

By Robyn MooreKenya
October-December 2013
  1. Kenyan kids enjoying peanut butter sandwiches.How can your child help by praying? Imagine my delight when Elizabeth exclaimed while standing near my home at Tenwek Hospital, “I can’t believe I’m here; I’ve prayed for you and Tenwek all my life!” Elizabeth’s parents, Dawn and Wayne Smith, had made a photo album of many of us missionaries from our home church. Elizabeth prayed through that book often. The visual helped her “know” us and pray for us.

    Act!ACT: Create your own family photo album of the missionaries your family is praying for.
  2. How can your child help by giving? Giving is so important to teach children at a young age. When I was preparing to return to Kenya after homeland ministry assignment, my sister, Jan, brought her young son Jacen to me with a bag of 20 of his Hot Wheels cars for me to give little boys who were my patients at Tenwek. One little guy was still holding his car the next day when I went to take a picture to send to Jacen to thank him. Maybe you can’t send something, but it could be sold at a garage sale and the funds sent to help others. The Least of These ministry is blessed when children raise money for a peanut butter party or a pizza party that we bless orphans with. Only $25 to $50 creates a peanut butter party and $100 makes a pizza party!

    Give!GIVE: Help throw a peanut butter party for kids in Kenya. Make a list of chores your kids can do to earn money toward a donation for a party. Send a check, payable to World Gospel Mission with account #21197—CALL on the memo line, to: World Gospel Mission, P.O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952-0948.
  3. How can your child help by doing? When I was on homeland ministry assignment and in grad school, my parents were not able to keep up with all the yard work. One Wednesday evening, Greg Miller and his son, Dexter, arrived at our home to mow the grass and trim around the trees. Greg told me, “I could have taken Dexter to church tonight to learn about sharing Jesus’ love and helping others, but I chose to bring him here and show him.”

    Act!ACT: Who is near you that would be blessed by you and your child spending time with them or serving them?

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