Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a Bowl of Cereal

An excerpt from...

Just a Bowl of Cereal

By Chrissy GreenwellMexico
July-September 2013

Just a Bowl of Cereal
Three years ago, Francisco moved to another town for work because, as a truck driver, he had found that no job was available for him in the city. His wife, Betty, and two daughters remained behind. Betty picked up odd jobs here and there, but making ends meet was difficult.

As the weeks went on, things took a turn for the worse. Francisco, a diabetic, started losing his vision. His truck flipped over and he was wounded; he ended up having an amputation. Betty was no longer able to work outside the home as she had to take care of her husband.

God placed it on my heart to send them a care package to help with some of their needs. I prayed over what I should get them. Over and over again, “cereal” came to mind. Whatever else would be included in that care package, a huge bag of cereal would be there! I gathered the items and left them at the church the following day. I had no idea of the impact this box of items would have on the family.

Weeks later, I chatted with Betty and asked how her daughter Rebeca was. Betty started to cry as she shared about their struggle. Rebeca had been angry, questioning God’s love. She asked her mom why God wouldn’t even allow her a bowl of cereal. Betty told her to pray about it and ask God for the cereal. That was the night I went shopping. The following day when they received the care package, Rebeca realized how much God loved her and that He always hears our prayers.

It’s those little things that make a difference; those seemingly insignificant acts that have a huge impact for the kingdom of God.

Complete an act of love!Is the Holy Spirit leading you to complete an act of love to make a huge impact for His kingdom? Ask the Lord to show you what you can do to help someone’s faith grow deeper.
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