Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What do you have? We have little girls.

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What Do You Have? We Have Little Girls.

By Billy CoppedgeUganda/South Sudan
April-June 2013

We have little girls. Our family, whether officially or not, is involved in loving little children, both ours and those around them.

Joanna’s mother sent a children’s magazine for our two oldest girls, Elsie Jayne (4) and Lucy Mae (3). It had a picture of a children’s Bible club. The girls immediately wanted to do a Bible club with their friends. Joanna decided they could plan something for the next school holiday. The girls told me all about it, but I was actually quite insincere in my enthusiasm and expectations.

My conviction came when they assembled the invitation list. They wanted to invite two Hindu boys, Kitron and Hersh. Now, Kitron had been previously very mean to Elsie Jayne. I felt uncomfortable with him being at our house. But Lucy Mae said Jesus had put Kitron on her heart, so Kitron was invited.

The week for the Bible club came and anywhere from 40 to 60 kids came daily, including Kitron. Organized chaos would probably best describe our “program,” but at the end of the week, 19 kids prayed to make the decision to follow Jesus!

What do we have to offer Jesus? We have little girls.

Those little girls are being used by Jesus, not only to stretch their father’s faith, but also to share Jesus with other children. Did I mention Kitron was one of those 19? Hallelujah! Praise God forever! The kingdom is a little more crowded because of two little girls’ desire for a Bible club.

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