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Hazel's Quilts

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Hazel's Quilts

The Fabric of God’s Blessing
By Rachel Elwood, Support Staff
April-June 2013

“My ability to sew is God’s gift to me, and what I do with it is my gift back to Him.”

Hazel Dowden was blessed with an aptitude for sewing and has been active in using her talents ever since she was 12 years old. The mother of two and grandmother of five began making quilts when her grandchildren were born. As the children grew up, she began looking for other people to make quilts for, including shut-ins from church, people in nursing homes, newborns in hospitals, foster care children, and the police department where she lives in Plainfield, Indiana.

“Whoever God would put on my heart, I would make them a quilt,” Hazel said.
A few years ago, God began leading Hazel to explore giving her quilts to missions. She contacted Deb Cunningham, a staff member at WGM, to see if any WGM field could use the quilts. Deb’s response? “Oh yeah! We can use those!”

Today, Hazel’s quilts can be found all over the world: KenyaHonduras, Indonesia, Haiti, and, of course, the USA. Right now, she’s working on a large number of quilts to take to the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center in Kenya. The Baby Center is a home for orphaned and abandoned babies, including those who are HIV positive. Hazel and her husband of 44 years, Ted, are looking forward to their first missions trip there this summer.

Hazel treasures the hours of labor, spending a lot of the time talking to God. “That’s when He gives me people to make quilts for,” she said. “I pray over the quilts as I make them. For example, when I give a quilt to a newlywed couple, I tell them, ‘When you have problems, and you will, realize that when you cover up with this quilt, prayer will cover you with His grace.’”

“I get a blessing when I make the quilts,” she said. “It’s all God’s time and it’s all His work.”

How can God use you?
What gift has God given you that you can use to return the blessing? Take some time to consider how God can use your practical abilities for His glory.

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