Friday, February 8, 2013

Caring for The Least of These

An excerpt from Caring for The Least of These

By Robyn MooreKenya
January-March 2013

Being a part of the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center from its inception has been my delight. As partners, World Gospel Mission andAfrica Gospel Church Kenya knew the orphaned and abandoned in Kenya needed help and we asked the Lord, “Where do we start?” We were inspired to start a center that would be a place of rescue for abandoned infants and toddlers with the hope to then get them into forever Christian families. So we started with little more than a desire to help these precious little ones, following the Lord’s command to care for the orphans and abandoned little ones, the “least of these.”

How can you become a partner of AGC Baby Center?

Pray: Pray for the staff. Pray that the Lord will give them strength and wisdom as they care for the little ones. Pray for the babies. Many of the babies come to the center in desperate need. Too often their physical state is so fragile and their little bodies are in serious condition. Pray for the nurses on staff as they bring them back to a healthy life.
Go: The AGC Baby Center would love to have you visit. For those of you who love to hug and kiss babies, you will definitely have the opportunity! Check out
Give: AGC Baby Center babies are like every other baby. They love milk. For the youngest babies, infant formula in cans has to be purchased. Because of the support of a local Kenyan company, the baby center is able to get the formula at the very reduced price of $5 per can. You can help put that satisfied smile on a baby’s face by helping purchase formula.

The Least of These ministry is very close to my heart. Dr. Michael and Kay Johnson started this ministry to help street children, and now I am part of a team that is expanding this ministry into a wholistic healthcare and educational outreach. Our primary ministry is working with children’s homes, special needs schools, and abandoned baby centers in Nairobi, Kenya. God has brought together a vast and diverse team to help care for the “least of these”—orphaned and vulnerable children.

You can join the global Least of These support team by choosing one of the following options:

Pray: That the Least of These workers will stay healthy as they work in the unhealthy conditions in which these children live. Pray also that the children will see Christ in the workers with whom they interact and will come to know their Father in heaven.
Go: If you are interested in being a volunteer with Least of These, contact Volunteers can bring peanut butter, toys, games, crayons, and a host of other goodies for these precious children.
Pass It On: If you know someone who may be interested in volunteering, please pass on this information or send them

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