Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Training

An excerpt from In Training
By Kevin Zirkle, Regional Director of Asia, Europe, and Oceania
January–March 2012

When you prepare for an athletic event, you spend time training for the competition. In Papua New Guinea, WGM missionaries help train pastors so they will be better equipped to lead their churches.

Many people in the rural areas of PNG have not had much formal education. Some pastors have studied only through the equivalent of eighth or ninth grade. Christian Union Bible College offers a three-year program based in the town of Mount Hagen. Many pastors live a distance away and cannot leave their churches for three years to attend. So, the missionaries decided to take the training to them.

Seeing how God is inspiring and challenging church leaders with the training that is taking place is exciting. Pray for the pastors as they study and apply what they are learning. Travel to PNG’s rural areas is not cheap, so pray that the Lord will supply the funds for this training to continue.

ACT: Whether in your local church or in PNG, people need to be equipped for ministry. What can you do to help? If God is calling you to serve in this way, have a chat with your pastor to find out what kinds of needs are in your community.
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