Friday, March 9, 2012

Concert of Prayer: Interceding for Caleb

An excerpt from Concert of Prayer: Interceding for Caleb
Middle East
January–March 2012

Nothing is impossible for God. Having lived in the Middle East for seven years, I’ve been in my share of tough situations, but God has always brought me through. This situation was different, though. It was completely hopeless. Everything was stacked against my brother in Christ, Caleb (name changed for identity protection).

Caleb is one of the few local believers in the mostly Muslim country where I live. Several years before I knew about him, he ran into some trouble. His brother-in-law showed up drunk at his house and was threatening him and his family (possibly because of Caleb’s new faith in Christ). Caleb tried to get him to leave peacefully, but then his brother-in-law pulled out a large knife. In the scuffle that ensued, his brother-in-law was killed.

The authorities came and Caleb was arrested and held for trial.

In September 2010, this need was highlighted in WGM’s Concert of Prayer and countless prayer warriors began interceding for Caleb. A couple months later, one of the sons of the deceased contacted us, accepted the agreement, and accepted a sum of money to seal the deal. The next day, Caleb was summoned for execution and would have been killed if not for the agreement the day before!

Truly, God listens to the prayers of His people and nothing is impossible for Him!

There are many more like my brother Caleb in this area of the world who suffer because of their faith. Will you take time right now to pray for the persecuted church as well as for Caleb and his family?
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