Monday, November 7, 2011

God Works Miracles with Radio Equipment

Do You Believe…That God Works Miracles with Radio Equipment?
By Leon Amstutz, Volunteer Consulting Engineer
October–December 2011

I’ve been helping Radio Lumière in Haiti for over 30 years with various engineering projects. I was in Haiti in January 2010 when the massive earthquake struck. I was thrilled to go back in April 2011, but I sensed I was on the front lines of a great spiritual battlefield. We struggled with broken-down vehicles, lack of parts, missing documentation—more obstacles than I had ever faced before.

Signal coverage had been irregular since the earthquake. As I worked to diagnose and repair the two main transmitting antennas, I found many serious problems with the antennas, connectors, and transmission lines. My goal was to replace all the jumper lines with new cable and coaxial connectors. (For you non-radio engineers, these connectors attach the cable that carries the radio signal from the transmitter in the transmitter room to the antenna up on the tower.) In the process, we installed five new connectors, but we couldn’t find the last one needed to finish the project. We had begun with six, but the sixth was nowhere to be found. We hunted everywhere. It looked as if I wasn’t going to be able to complete this very crucial project.

On Wednesday, I asked the Radio Lumière staff to pray.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hurried to the Radio Lumière staff—who had gathered once more to pray—and told them about finding the two connectors. They immediately praised God for this answer to prayer. Does God answer prayer in ways we can’t explain in natural terms? I must testify yes!

Please keep the Radio Lumière technical staff in your prayers as they fight these battles every day. The enemy knows the importance of the radio and fights it ferociously. But our God is more powerful!
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