Wednesday, September 22, 2010

El Salvador: Healthcare

Offering preventative healthcare screening and teaching other healthy lifestyle practices while treating, curing, and responding to the physical needs of patients can change a community.

WGM El Salvador is the operating partner of the David V. King Memorial Clinic in Jucuapa, El Salvador. The project is under construction and slated for completion in October 2010 and should begin operating in early 2011. The clinic will provide two operating rooms and two procedure rooms for ambulatory surgeries as well as an area for general healthcare and dialysis. The ministry will also include a mobile clinic that will go into Eastern El Salvadoran communities to do health education, dental restoration, and health screening and diagnosis. Each patient will be offered the opportunity to learn about God's plan for their lives while receiving medical attention.

Career opportunities for serving in El Salvador are available. Could God be calling you to use your medical skills and education in El Salvador? Contact us at to apply for or obtain more information about these opportunities.

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