Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AIF: Youth Suicide

Suicide has become an acceptable response to a desperate life for Native American teens. However, WGM missionaries are actively sharing the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ.

The teen suicide rate on Indian reservations has become an epidemic. Across the nation, Native American teens living on reservations commit suicide at a rate of at least twice the national average. Risk factors include substance abuse, depression, lack of social support, and racial discrimination.

ACT: World Gospel Mission has centralized its American Indian Field (AIF) ministries in Arizona and New Mexico. Consider serving on a short-term missions trip to the American Indian Field. Plan your trip with Noritta Carter at workteams@wgm.org.

Each day, on the WGM website will highlight a specific compassionate ministry. Come back often to learn more and to share your prayer for the field below.
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