Monday, June 26, 2017

Discover Your Calling

Jared Gleason, Director of Mobilization
The Call, April-June 2017

Are they waiting for you?

God is doing so much around the world, which you have learned as you have prayed through the many available ministry opportunities highlighted in this issue of The Call. So many exciting ministries are happening, and only God knows what He has in store for the future. 

As you prayed through these ministries and opportunities, asking God to send more workers, did you feel God calling you to be the one who goes? Perhaps that brings feelings of excitement and joy but also feelings of apprehension and fear. That is all right. If God is calling you, He will make a way; and our team is here to help you.
If you do feel God speaking into your heart, asking you to answer His call and serve on His mission field, here are two ways you can do that:


Maybe your availability is limited or you don’t feel God calling you to serve for a long period of time. There are many ministry opportunities that ask for short-term commitments—one month to a year. We can customize a shorter experience for you that will enable you to invest in a ministry, experience missions life firsthand, and serve in a vital way. WGM has great volunteer programs for individuals, couples, and families. for more information.


Perhaps God is calling you to explore a career in missions. I encourage you to consider the Missionary Discipleship Program, which consists of two years of service. It is designed to equip you to serve in long-term, cross-cultural ministry, focusing on discipleship and training. You will have a team of people who will work together to prepare you for service as an individual, couple, or family. Learn more at

GO: Are you ready to take that next step now? Want to talk to someone about your calling, or what you wonder may be your calling? Contact to get started. 
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