Friday, November 4, 2016

An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected GiftSusana (Bev) Donahue, Missionary, Paraguay
The Call, October-December 2016

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” ~ Hudson Taylor

It would not be found on the list of Top 10 appropriate gifts to give a man. In fact, it would most likely show up on a list of gift suggestions for a new mother and her baby.

We were in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, visiting some friends from our years in ministry there. I always try to stop by and greet my former hairdresser. This year, knowing that she and her husband would want to see our son, Andrés, too, the whole family paid a visit to her beauty salon. After we spent some time with her and her husband, she presented us each with small gifts. My gift was lotion, but Mark and Andrés both received a bottle of Johnson’s baby powder. We graciously said “thank you” (what else could we say?!) and went on our way. 

Back home in Paraguay, it was a hot, hot summer. Some people do fairly well with the heat while others suffer with uncomfortable heat rashes. Such was the case one evening when Mark encountered our next door neighbor, standing behind his wall with no shirt on, looking miserable with a heat rash. Mark soon learned that our neighbor had been exposed to too much sun and was suffering its effects. The neighbor said that he needed some Johnson’s baby powder for his rash but that he did not have “ningún peso”—not one cent—to purchase it. 

Seeing the need and hearing "Johnson’s baby powder," Mark was alerted by the Holy Spirit that he could be a part of the solution. Mark promptly retrieved an unopened bottle of Johnson’s baby powder. After Mark placed it in the neighbor’s hands, the neighbor asked, “Is this a gift for me?” With a rejoicing heart, Mark affirmed that it was and watched a big smile spread across the man’s face. 

A gift from one friend in Bolivia is impacting our new community in Paraguay! God provided just what was needed.

We pray that God will show us how to help our neighbor see a greater need in his life. We so desire that he sees his need to know our Jesus. Sometimes we have to see ways to help meet the physical needs before we have the privilege to speak to the greater need. How does God want to use you today? It may be to pass along an unexpected gift to someone in your community that needs it now. Don’t miss the blessing!

PRAY: Ask God to open your eyes to a need in your community and to help you do your part to help others with an unexpected gift.
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