Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Change + an Unchanging God

Barbara Pinkley, Missionary, Kenya
April-June 2016

Tenwek School of NursingTransition: “The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another; move, passage, transformation, handover.” 

Since July 1987 when Tenwek School of Nursing opened at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya, only two things have been constant: 1) Change and 2) an Unchanging God.

Transitions are rarely comfortable. They usually take a lot of work and sometimes seem impossible. But God has walked with us in our journey through transitions. Our program follows the Kenyan government curriculum, which trains nurses to be triple qualified as nurses, midwives, and community nurses, though our motto has an added focus to train them to “Care in Christ’s Name.” We have changed from a two-and-one-half–year enrolled level certificate program to a three-and-one-half–year registered level diploma program. Our location changed from a hospital ward basement to a beautiful setting next to Tenwek Hospital. At first, all of our teachers were missionaries, and now we are blessed to have Kenyan graduates of our school holding all the leadership roles.

Our yearly intake has changed from 16 per class to over 30 per class. Testing methods have varied but are still mainly short answer and essay plus practical and oral exams. Our library now has computers as well as books. Tenwek Hospital now has electronic charting. Our students have to be intentionally disciplined in their use of Facebook, the Internet, and mobile phones. We are now a testing center for twice-yearly national nursing board exams. Exam results are now released via the Internet to schools and via texting to students. Even our uniforms have changed. 

In the midst of transitions, God has been faithful: understanding our struggles, calming our hearts, directing, strengthening, and encouraging us. He has rejoiced with us and cheered us on. He has led many people like you to join us in prayer and support as together we join God in what He is doing. 

More students require more space to teach and accommodate students, more exams and assignments to mark, and more practical assessments. We need prayer for time management (for both students and teachers) in our busy schedules. We expect more future changes and know God will be there for us.

Pray for Tenwek School of Nursing. PRAY: Ask God to give the staff at Tenwek School of Nursing creative ideas and strength during transitions to effectively train even more nurses to “Care in Christ’s Name.” 

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