Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Matching Names to Faces

Meet WGM’s Newest Missionary Disciples
Tracy Dubois, Support Staff
January-March 2016

If you’re like me, it’s easier to remember names when you can match them to faces. I feel more connected to the people, and, hopefully, I can say hi to them by name when we meet again. This brief introduction to WGM’s newest missionary disciples may help you recognize them and show you how you can pray for them.

Pete and Angela OlsenAnointed To Proclaim, Heal, Teach: PETE AND ANGELA OLSEN

The Olsens will serve through medical and education ministries at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.
“From our time at Tenwek, we learned that the people who work in and live near the hospital are thirsty for more of Jesus and His truth. They want to learn what it looks like to have a real relationship with Him.”

Serving and Teaching with Excellence: Mike and Julie GaneyServing And Teaching With Excellence: MIKE AND JULIE GANEY

The Ganeys (career missionaries) will minister to children and surgical residents at Tenwek.
“We pray that the love of Jesus will be visible to the children we minister to as we serve their physical needs and that we will be a source of encouragement to the surgical residents as we help train them.”

Healing In The Name Of Jesus: 

Healing in the Name of Jesus: Eli and Krista HornELI AND KRISTA HORN

The Horns will bring physical and spiritual healing in the name of Jesus at Tenwek. “We feel called to a medical ministry in particular because healing was a primary part of Jesus’ own ministry, and we have seen firsthand how meeting the physical needs of a person can lead to spiritual healing as well.”

Loving in Jesus’ Name: Bill and Joy IrwinLoving In Jesus’ Name: BILL AND JOY IRWIN

The Irwins are called to care for women and children in sub-Saharan Africa through medical and administrative ministries at Tenwek. “We are going to Kenya to love and serve in a place where there is a great and desperate need. Our great desire is that women and children will know that they have a Savior who loves and values them.”

One Step at a Time: Esther LeiningerOne Step At A Time: ESTHER LEININGER

Esther will teach at Taylor Christian School and volunteer at Taylor Community Center in McAllen, Texas, on the Texas/Mexico border. “This is an exciting time to work on the Texas/Mexico border because of the transition that is happening. People tend to be more receptive to the gospel when they are surrounded by change, because change shakes them out of their routine.”

Addressing a Void: Dylan and Jessica NugentAddressing A Void: DYLAN AND JESSICA NUGENT

The Nugents will minister at Tenwek and the surrounding community. “The need for quality healthcare in Africa is staggering. The World Health Organization recommends five orthopaedic surgeons for every half a million people. In the U.S., the ratio is 43 orthopaedic surgeons, while in Kenya the ratio is less than one surgeon per half a million people.”

Call Solidified: Brady and Alicia SearlCall Solidified: BRADY AND ALICIA SEARL

The Searls will work with students and pastors in Kampala, Uganda.
“Although Uganda has a large Christian influence, there is still need for greater biblical truth and understanding. The people are hungry to learn more about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.”

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