Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rev. Isaka Bushingagira

Donald Hohensee, Retiree
January-March 2016

Rev. Isaka Bushingagira, 93 years old, was born before WGM began its work in the central African country of Burundi. He got saved at the age of 16 in 1938, and, two years later, began serving as the chaplain for the dispensary at Kayero. He pastored several churches before being assigned to the Buranga church district in 1945. He has served as a pastor, a district superintendent, and as the general superintendent for the denomination.

When he was a child, Isaka lost his eyesight in his left eye. For that reason, he was never able to get a driver’s license. Instead, he has ridden his bicycle thousands of miles, preaching the gospel. He retired in 2000, and his family takes him to his local church where he still preaches from time to time.

Isaka’s parents followed the traditional form of worship among the Barundi people. He heard the gospel during special meetings held near his home, and he sincerely repented of his sins. Later he learned that his heart could be cleansed and filled with the Holy Spirit. His parents arranged for him to marry a woman who was still following the traditional religion. He asked them to find him a Christian woman instead, whom he married on October 13, 1943. He and his wife had 10 children. Their oldest, Amos Ndayisenga, is also an ordained minister.

Isaka read in the Bible that Jesus, the apostle Paul, and others laid hands on the sick and on those who were deformed, and also drove out demons. He reasoned that this could still be done today even though he wasn’t seeing that practiced. He followed this in his ministry and has seen the sick healed, those who were barren give birth to children, and the demon possessed delivered from bondage.

One of today’s leaders in Burundi shared, “Rev. Isaka is still following what you people in WGM taught him.” He believes the Bible is the Word of God and he believes it can still accomplish what it did centuries ago. He still preaches that people need to repent; he still preaches that God can cleanse and fill the human heart.

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PRAY: Pray for Rev. Isaka and for all pastors as they reach out and minister to the Barundi people.
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