Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Radio Lumière: Mouthpiece of the Gospel

Radio Lumière: Mouthpiece of the Gospel

By Pastor Varnel Jeune, Director of Radio Lumière
Radio Lumière: Mouthpiece of the Gospel
In the family of God, I see the role of Radio Lumière (French for light) as a mouthpiece that spreads the message of truth across the nation of Haiti. We rejoice especially in the increased number of unsaved who actually came to the station to give their lives to Christ, among whom were several young prostitutes, thieves, and even murderers.

Recently I was visited by Jean Alexis, the pastor of a large church in Florida. Pastor Alexis was a former voodoo priest. He wanted to use his magic to kill a Christian sister who lived near his home. Her radio was always on as she listened to Radio Lumière. Jean Alexis—and everyone within hearing range—was constantly exposed to the messages, songs, and Bible studies. He was furious that business was so bad because of Radio Lumière. Then one day he overheard a message that said, “Satan has no power over the children of God.” He realized he would never be able to destroy the sister and immediately gave his life to the Savior.

A few weeks ago, a young man came to the station to give his testimony. He used to be part of a gang in Port-au-Prince whose express goal was to kill every policeman they met. Then one day this young man took three shots to his right leg, requiring amputation. While lying in a hospital bed, he heard the message of salvation on his roommate’s radio that was tuned to Radio Lumière. He gave his life to the Savior, and he is now the choir director in a church in Port-au-Prince.

This has been happening all year with many testimonies of people with wicked lives that have been completely changed by the message of salvation, pardon, and hope from Radio Lumière. Please pray for the ministry of Radio Lumière and support it so that this light, planted in 1959, will continue to burn brighter, farther, and stronger during these troubled times in Haiti.

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