Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Remember Whose Keys You are Holding

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Remember Whose Keys You Are Holding

By Hubert Harriman, President
April-June 2015

In order for any key to work, it must fit the object of its purpose.
Every household has keys lying around. One of the most exasperating things that happens with them is to forget what they were made for. We’re not certain if someone gave us one for some specific purpose or if those keys just wandered into the house. But there they are—useless until discovered what their purpose is.

When my middle daughter, Maria, was in college, she went to Kenya under the Volunteers In Action program with WGM. As part of that venture, she ended up on the campus of what was then called Kenya Highlands Bible College. Among many activities, she and another VIA girl were asked to take a bundle of keys that had been delegated to “the tomb of the unknown” and try to find where they fit. Someone needed to do it because that’s what keys are made for—to fit a purpose.

It’s amazing to witness how God fits willing Christians to His divine intention. It’s that moment when we know “He made me and prepared me for this.” Unbelievably, He made us an important key to something He wants to accomplish in other peoples’ lives and, in order for any key to work, it must fit the object of its purpose.

God has entrusted each of us with important keys for kingdom work, but all too often, we simply don’t mark it down in our hearts and have long forgotten what use they have. Perhaps someone asked us to pray for an open door of opportunity and we just laid it aside and forgot about it. That key was essential to opening doors, but we didn’t remember—and doors remained shut. Maybe someone shared with us a ministry crisis and asked us to get involved by giving. We felt the need at the time, but we let it slip by—and doors were locked. It might be that the Holy Spirit cut us out as a key to someone’s soul. We heard His voice to use the key—to go and speak a word of hope—and we let it pass—and doors were closed.

To have the right key and not offer it for its intended purpose is sinful. There is too much at stake for us to be holding vital keys and not putting them to their intended use. Jesus said, “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” Oh Christian friend, use them!
Are you trying the wrong doors to find what you want? Remember Whose keys you’re holding! They will work only as they should when used with the right purpose. God knows where you fit! Let Him put your life to His good use.

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