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Prayer, Praises, and Dancing

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Prayer, Praises, and Dancing

By John and Beth Muehleisen, Missionaries, Uganda
January-March 2015

Prayer, Praises, and Dancing
Did you pray?
On August 12, 2014, World Gospel Mission’s Prayer Lifeline sent out this pertinent request for WGM Uganda:

Uganda: John and Beth Muehleisen, Tiana Duncan, and Jennipher Wasirimba (Community Health Empowerment coordinator) are holding a Training of Trainers on August 14–18. Pray for good health, safe travels, and good discussions.
On August 26, we sent this praise report: We’ve just returned from seven days in Petete, a village in eastern Uganda. We trained a group of 30 pastors and church leaders to train others in their church and village to do village evangelism and health education. This was our second week-long training with this group, and they brought some amazing stories of what happened since our first training a few months ago.

Planting Seeds in Their Communities
One of their assignments after their first week of training in May was for each team to do a seed project in their community. A seed project is a great way to practice concrete ways of demonstrating God’s love to everyone around—not just those in their family or church.

From the report-back session on the first day, it was evident to us that God used them to touch the lives of others in a very positive way.
Pastor Samuel described how they had approached the local village elder for permission to fix the community well, which had a broken cover.

The village elder’s response was better than they had hoped for. He offered to buy the cement they needed to fix the well cover and gave them his blessing.

The group not only made a new cover for the well, but they also cleaned the area around it and gathered the community together to teach lessons on good sanitation. Even though Pastor Samuel and his group did these things without expecting anything in return, the results were amazing!

The Next Sunday…
The following Sunday, Samuel was surprised at how many people came to church. The small church building could not hold all of the people who came, and they sat outside on mats to hear God’s Word from a pastor who cared enough about the community to take the time to fix their well cover and to make sure their water source was clean.

Pray that the people from Pastor Samuel’s village will also recognize their need to drink from the pure, clean Living Water so they can live forever.

Please join us in praying for the seven training teams currently involved in Community Health Evangelism training.

Thanks for being a part of a big, big thing.

And yes, you can start dancing with us now.

Your missionaries in East Africa,
John and Beth

Could you have even imagined these results as you prayed? God takes our offerings, no matter how small, and uses them for the glory of His kingdom.

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MoreMORE: The gentlemen in the first picture were demonstrating the River Crossing story, a core story we tell in our CHE training. If you are not familiar with this story, here are a few videos made by David Phipps of Gingamsburg UMC:

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