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Praises from Prayer Lifeline

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Praises from Prayer Lifeline

By Tracy Dubois, Support Staff
January-March 2015

Praises from Prayer LifelineDo you ever wonder if your prayers make a difference? Well, the short answer is yes! Here’s a look back at how the Lord has answered your prayers through this year’s Prayer Lifeline.


Texas/Mexico Border Ministries:One of Christina McBride’s students accepted Jesus, and Christina prayed with another student who recommitted their life to the Lord.


Haiti: Radio Lumière turned 55 on February 20.
Honduras: Honduran Holiness Church celebrated its 100th anniversary.
South Sudan: Mango Ministries helped give physical sight to 527 people during cataract clinics in 2013 and brought healing to more than 100 patients during five weeks of other clinics.


Kenya: Tenwek Hospital’s annual children’s Bible quizzing season began in January with more than 300 children from several schools and two orphanages studying 1 Samuel.
Sensitive Area: Lives were changed, freedom experienced, and inner healing started as church leaders and seminary students opened their hearts during 98 one-on-one meetings.


Honduras: Small agriculture projects established in different communities around Choluteca are beginning to multiply as Hondurans realize the potential of growing their own vegetables and raising small animals to provide for their families.
Kenya: Ministry partnerships have enabled plans for the Eye and Dental Care Center at Tenwek Hospital to progress smoothly.


Kenya: Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre is caring for 53 babies, and 15 babies have already been adopted this year.
Ukraine: The Lord has opened the door for Bill and Oksana Browerto do more service projects in local orphanages whose government funding has been decreased.


Spain: Nathan and Kenzie Vitatoe praise God for the salvation of a church member who comes from a Muslim background.
Uganda: A Muslim woman who was cooking for a Community Health Empowerment training group accepted Christ, while several others went forward to be prayed for.


American Indian Field: Students at American Indian College are taking the lessons they have learned from Laura Lea Sims and using them to minister in their communities and churches.
Bolivia: More than 60 people and several youth prayed to seek God’s presence in their lives during Nathan Schmidt’s church visits.
Honduras: Escuela El Sembrador celebrated 60 years of ministry.
Uganda: As a group of students from Asbury University (Kentucky) partnered with the University Discipleship Movement, an Asbury student led an African student in the salvation prayer.


Hispanic Ministries USA: Hispanic churches throughout the United States graduated their first class of church leaders, and these graduates will be plugged into ministries in Wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio, and Massachusetts.
Hungary: Ten teens accepted Christ during summer English camps.
Mexico: The Vacation Bible School program at Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) Church led to 25 children accepting Christ.
The Center (Stockton, California): The Center staff provided hungry kids with more than 2,250 lunches in just six weeks and was able to help 10 youth attend adventure camp. One 14-year-old boy who comes from a generational gang family said camp taught him that he can trust.

Make a difference on your knees.
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