Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inside Job

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Inside Job

By Helen Ritchie, Missionary Kid, Kenya
July-September 2014

Inside Job
Someone once described witnessing as hanging on to a person’s ankles, begging them to stop as they walk straight toward hell. This colorful description is saddening when one thinks of entire people groups who, for as long as they have existed, have had no one to tackle them and warn them of the oncoming danger. It is a dilemma for sure, but it has a twist. What if these people have a climate, language, or culture so hostile and complicated that they are nearly impossible to reach? How can these souls be saved when it would take a lifetime just to earn their trust?

Solution: We make it an inside job.

What if those inaccessible people were to send one of their young men or women to a school to learn how to be a doctor? He or she could be taught to be a Christian missionary doctor and trained thoroughly in medicine. When ready, he or she could go back home. He would know the language, he would know the culture, and he would know Jesus. He could easily share his new knowledge and faith with his people.

Boom, problem solved.

This strategy is going to be utilized by a network of educators and Christians throughout Kenya. Kabarak University is beginning a Christian medical school. Their students, along with other family practice residents and interns, will come to Chogoria Hospital to be further trained in medicine and Christian doctrine. Chogoria Hospital is located deep in rural Kenya, on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya. My daddy is an emergency room doctor with many years of experience teaching residents. He’ll be working with the other doctors in Chogoria to train our “inside men” and prepare them to do God’s work among their own people. Is that a genius plan or what?

Give!GIVE: Help the Ritchie family educate and train doctors at Chogoria Hospital by joining their support team. A financial gift can be made for this family at www.wgm.org/ritchie.

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