Friday, July 11, 2014

The Matter of Creativity

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The Matter of Creativity

By Hubert Harriman, President
July-September 2014

The Matter of Creativity
This drawing is the creative work of my little 4-year-old granddaughter Eliana. Shown from left to right in this family portrait are her mom, her little sister, her dad, herself, and, of course, Grandma and Grandpa. (Please note that I have hair. She can see the unseen!)

I share this with you because I want to speak to the matter of creativity. It’s a fascinating thing about us as human beings. We are creative beings. But it didn’t originate with us. It’s actually the very first thing we read about God: “In the beginning God created…” (Genesis 1:1). We have God-given creativity in us. Like my little granddaughter, it may not be perfected, but it’s in us—wanting to be discovered, developed, and declared.

I’m convinced that if God made us creative—like Himself—He wants to quicken that creativity in us, especially in relation to kingdom work. This is what Sarah and I have enjoyed the most in travels to WGM’s various fields—to see the divine creativity of our workers in relation to their divine cause. 

One of WGM’s values is “Creativity – We believe that innovation and initiative are necessary for building God’s kingdom.” Couple this with divine inspiration, and amazing things happen.
I like Eliana’s picture because it speaks of hope (winter is past; the sun is shining and the grass is growing). It speaks of joy (we’re all smiling). It speaks of love (we’re reaching out to each other). It speaks of community (we have each other). You and I both know that we work in a dark, hopeless world. But we’re not alone in this work. Together, may God use us to create His purpose in many, many lives, bringing the joy of divine color into this world again.

PRAY: Pray with WGM as to what God wants to do with the cause He has put on your heart. Where would He take this cause, beyond anything we ever imagined, if we did creative thinking with Him?

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