Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pastoral Training [June 8-14]

Pastoral Training, June 8–14
Pastoral training and leadership development don’t always get the coverage they deserve.

But in many countries, pastors work two or three jobs to support their families in addition to carrying out their responsibilities in ministry. In some countries, such as Paraguay, many pastors have received the equivalent of only a fifth-grade education because they had to drop out of school to earn a living.

In order for national pastors and Christians to spread the truth and love of Christ to friends, families, and communities, they need to be educated in the Word.
  • Pray that God will call men and women to become pastors and lead their congregations into a better understanding of Him.
  • Pray for men and women currently in pastoral training. Many trainees have not completed grade school. Pray that they will grasp the biblical concepts and learn to communicate God’s truths.
  • Pray that God will supply teaching staff needed at training colleges and schools.
Pray!PRAY: You never have to wonder what a compass thinks, or if it will change its mind or purpose at any time. It does one thing: point north. By doing that one thing, a compass can help us find our way no matter where we are. Like a compass, a pastor points people to Christ, helping people find their way through life’s challenges. Pray that men and women who are in pastoral training will make this goal their focus throughout their ministry. 

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