Saturday, May 10, 2014

Medical Ministries [May 11-17]

Medical Ministries—May 11–17
Medical ministries are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. The story of a man named Armando in Honduras highlights the importance of this life-saving cause.

Armando faced a crippling physical illness, which doctors assured him was incurable. He had essentially given up on life until someone from Forever Friends Church in Choluteca introduced him to the Lord. Armando turned his physical needs over to God and was soon walking without difficulty. Now he wants to help others with physical problems find that same hope. He began working full time in the construction of the Forever Friends clinic buildings and now serves as the clinic’s full-time chaplain!
  • Pray for patients who seek medical care through one of these ministries. Pray for opportunities for the staff to share the message of the Great Physician.
  • Pray that staffing needs will be met, so that the best possible level of care can be provided.
  • Pray for healthcare workers who are being trained at these ministries. Pray that they will learn the skills they need to reach out to their own communities.
Act!ACT: Want to have a part in being the hands and feet of Christ? Medical missions touches lives in a unique way and presents powerful opportunities to share the gospel. The Great Co-Mission Catalog has medical projects ready for you to take on!

podcastPODCAST: Enjoy interviews with missionaries who serve in key missions causes. Listen to this week’s podcast!

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