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Checklists are Vital

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Checklists are Vital

By Barbara PinkleyKenya
October-December 2013

Tenwek School of Nursing students in Kenya.
Nurses are busy! When we don’t want to forget important points in assessment or safety issues, checklists are vital. Checklists are used extensively by nursing instructors and students at Tenwek School of Nursing in Kenya.

Checklists are used to standardize what is done and evaluated during the following: student interviews, admissions procedures, patients’ clinical procedures and surgery preparation, surgery and post-surgery procedures, practical exams and assessments, community diagnoses, research, health teaching to clients and patients, post-birth procedures, home visits, well baby clinics, student and teacher evaluations, student progress reports, weekly clinical evaluations, and discipleship group accountability. Lots of lists!

Checklists are good, but they don’t replace common sense and critical thinking and following God’s promptings to reach out and touch a life. A nurse must be prepared to function without checklists. They must be able to see something and realize that it isn’t what it should be and be able to take action in order to save a life.

Pray!PRAY: Discover your part in missions at Tenwek School of Nursing by using the following prayer checklist:

Sunday: Pray for the nursing school staff, students, and graduates—for daily spiritual growth preparing them to be ready to “Care in Christ’s Name.”

Monday: Pray for God’s guidance for our principal and assistant principal as they direct the day-by-day running of the school as well as plan for the future.

Tuesday: Pray for teachers as they teach and interact with students in the classroom and clinical areas—to maintain high standards of excellence in their professional and spiritual lives.

Wednesday: Pray for patients and clients whose lives are touched by our students, teachers, and graduates.

Thursday: Pray for wisdom, strength, and perseverance for our nursing students during their busy three-and-a-half-year course to become triple qualified as nurses, midwives, and community nurses.

Friday: Pray for the nursing school staff as they balance time with family, community, church, and further education along with their teaching responsibilities.

Saturday: Pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the nursing school staff, students, graduates, and their families.
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