Thursday, April 4, 2013

Use What You Do and Where You Live

An excerpt from...

Use What You Do and Where You Live 

An adaptation from 31 Days of Homemade Missions on
By Kelly HallahanUganda

I love the idea of homemade missions. My definition of homemade missions is simple; it’s anything you do where you live to expand the kingdom of God around the world. It’s great to talk about living so that others may be transformed into Jesus’ likeness, but how do we actually make it happen? 

Let’s be honest: some days, all that gets done is shopping for groceries, shuttling kids to school, and fixing dinner. But what needs to change is how I go about doing those things. I need to shift my focus.

One vital question to ask multiple times a day is: “Who is with me right now?” I could shove those relationships to the sidelines so I can [insert one of your hobbies], or I can invest time and energy into those relationships and make our minutes together count for eternity.

Another question is equally vital: “How can I be a catalyst for transformation in their lives?” I don’t know who God is calling you to touch today, but I’m sure He will tell you if you ask Him.

Maybe you feel as if there is no one around. May I suggest that you find a new circle of influence? Step outside your bubble and start making new friends. Ask Jesus to give you eyes to see the person right in front of you who needs Him.

And maybe you feel as if the dishes and the laundry are your best friends. Washing the dishes is not transformational—unless it’s you He wants to transform. He always has more ways He wants us to become more like Him. Can you clean dishes for the pure joy of serving Jesus? He would be so blessed.

PRAY: This month, spend part of your prayer time asking Jesus to give you eyes to see the person (or people) in your circle of influence who needs to know Him and listen for what He asks you to do to touch their life.

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