Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheerleaders Needed!

An excerpt from Cheerleaders Needed!
Musings of a retired WGM missionary
By Anonymous
April/May/June 2011

And then other changes happened, such as churches that had supported us for many years on the field now wanted to support new “active” missionaries (and rightly so). An increasing number of friends who had faithfully supported us went to be with the Lord. Other faithful partners lost their jobs or retired and were unable to continue as financial supporters.

So, you get the picture—I am missing some cheerleaders! WGM has not diminished medical care or other benefits, but my account and others have increasingly larger negative balances. You can understand how the overall ministry of WGM is affected.

What can you do? Become a cheerleader for retirees by asking others to pray and give a special financial offering to a WGM retiree.

ACT: Give to a WGM retiree at
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