Monday, April 13, 2009

Who's on the case?

Who doesn’t like a good mystery?
I know I do. In the edition of The Call (due to your mailbox this week) we take a look at some mysteries in missions that will need our entire detective squad to help solve.
Are you familiar with World Gospel Mission’s Unsolved Mysteries in Missions blog? We have been posting missions mysteries there for quite some time, leaving clues about ways to win the world for Christ. In this issue we asked a diverse group of missions-active individuals to share their opinions and strategies on these unsolved mysteries.
Our super sleuths may not have all the answers, but their diverse backgrounds help us formulate a better solution for these mysteries in missions.
Want to join the crew? We’re recruiting! See what other missions mysteries you can help solve by subscribing to the weekly Unsolved Mysteries in Missions e-mail at and receive a clue to the latest mystery needing collaboration by God’s detective squad.
Winning the world for Christ one closed case at a time,
Kristi Crisp
Editor of The Call
World Gospel Mission
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