Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got your ticket?

It's Here!

My ticket to the Concert of Prayer arrived at my house last week. Yep, I'm talking about the magazine - Call to Prayer. Have you got yours yet?

From what I hear you guys are really excited about this issue and I am so glad because I think God is going to do big things for the Kingdom as we unite together in prayer.

A prayer request for those of you who are "waiting in line" for the concert - on August 27 there will be a group of WGM staff testing out the phone system. We want to make sure all the "could-be bugs" are worked out of the system before we begin the concert on September 15. We are purposely gathering to pray for the 30 day challenge. We know that Satan will likely not be too happy that so many believers are gathering together in prayer and I would ask you to join us. Will you partner with us in prayer?

Wanted: more groupies.
Know someone else you would like to invite to the concert? Please send them this link for a free subscription and we'll rush their ticket (Call to Prayer) out to them immediately.

I'll see you at the concert!

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