Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Join the PTA (Partnering Together Association)

The PTA for Ordinary People

I don’t know about you but I consider myself pretty ordinary. Sure, there are things I like to do that I consider myself “good at”, but I know those things come from God. Those are the skills, gifts and talents that He gave me to make me uniquely – Kristi.

God has given us all the stamp of uniqueness and He can and will use each one of us. That’s why I like this idea of the WGMU PTA (page 20 July/August 2007) so much. The whole plan is mapped out for you in the Great Co-Mission catalog. World Gospel Mission provides the missionaries, the fundraising tools, and the coaching and you provide the people, the resources, and the drive to make it happen. Truly anyone can do it and it is rewarding to be mission active.

I am the Director of Ideas in Motion. We are the communications, media, and publishing crew for WGM. We decided to take on a Great Co-Mission catalog project as a team. We picked a project, set a goal, set up a web page, began sharing our project with those we know and Jesus began to bless our efforts. In record time we had raised enough money to bless 9 kids in Kazakhstan with warm clothes and coats for the winter. It was really easy – the hardest part was just saying, “Yes, I can do that.” I am sure glad I said yes and I am sure you will be too.

Any other “ordinary” people out there willing to share about their Great Co-Mission catalog experience? Click on the comments link below and tell us about it.
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